Bitcoin Casino Promotions: Free Spins

23rd June 2017, 16:11

Bitcoin Casino Promotions Free Spins
Obviously, one of the most important advantages of bitcoin casinos is that they allow its clients to make transactions with the help of cryptocurrency. Still, that is not the sole privilege which a player of bitcoin casinos can enjoy. There is also an extensive array of various bonuses available on the gambling websites.

One of the most popular reward a gambler can get in the majority of online casinos is a pack of free spins. If you have no experience of playing in any bitcoin casino yet, you should learn what are free spins.

First of all, it is important to understand that a free spin is a reward which can be used exclusively for playing slot video machines. Normally, a player needs to place a bet in order to get an opportunity to perform a spin. In case this person got free spins, he or she is entitled to give several extra spins without betting any money. The value of these spins is described in the terms and conditions of a particular promotion.

Third of all, you have a unique chance of withdrawing the money won with the help of free spins. Of course, the maximum amount possible to be paid out and the wagering requirements is contingent on the rules of the bonus programme you are participating in.

You can understand better how free spins work by visiting, the official website of one of the leading gambling platforms. AdmiralSpot is a bitcoin casino offering free spins long with other bonuses. The amount of additional spins the casino gives to its clients depends on the promotion, although the value of one spin is stable and equal to £0,85.

Free spins is a perfect way to enjoy your favourite video slot machines without risking your actual money. In case you have several extra spins, you can earmark them for any slot game available at AdmiralSpot. Pay your attention, some online casinos provide free spins exclusively for particular applications and sometimes you can even find the offers which can be used only in specific days of the week. There are no such restrictions at AdmiralSpot whatsoever.

Don’t forget about other possibilities of getting free spins. There are many casino games with inbuilt bonuses. You can find free spins among the rewards given for playing video slots. Nevertheless, in order to play with this kind of extra spins you actually need to place a bet and only then you are entitled to use inbuilt free spins. On the contrary, getting free spins as a part of a promotion offer, you can use them without any deposit.

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