Does a Bitcoin Casino Allow Its Players to Remain Anonymous?

23rd June 2017, 16:33

Does a Bitcoin Casino Allow Its Players to Remain Anonymous
Many Internet users still can’t believe that a bitcoin casino allows its players to remain anonymous. Fortunately, it is the truth and there is absolutely no need for sharing your personal data with a gambling website which offers bitcoins as a payment method. How does it work and what is an example of such an online casino?

Speaking about the way bitcoins are functionalising you need to know that this is a perfect way to protect your personal data. The process of creation of an account for making transactions in bitcoins doesn’t demand providing any personal information. You will just get a unique number of your wallet and this is it. In this fashion, you won’t need sharing your personal information while registering on any gambling website offering bitcoins. No traces of your actions in the Internet will be connected with your identity. Thus, you can feel safe working or gambling online. It is the best way to protect your figure in the Internet available so far.

It is very useful to look through any example of a bitcoin casino allowing its players to remain anonymous in order to check how it works in practice and what additional advantages of such casinos are possible.

Presumably, the best example is AdmiralSpot, one of the first gambling websites introduced bitcoin to their payment systems. Not only is this online casino known for work with digital cryptocurrency, but it also gives a chance of earning extra bitcoins to all the clients. For instance, it has presented two various form of welcome offers, both of which help you to earn free cash. The first one is given just for completing a registration form whereas the second one is earmarked for those gamblers who have decided to make their first deposit.

A welcome offer is not the only way in which one can gain extra money at AdmiralSpot. For instance, you can invite your friends and, in case anyone makes up one’s mind to join the casino, you will get a reward for your successful advertisement. You can get more money for your further deposits likewise.

The experts of the best bitcoin casino AdmiralSpot have also designed an extremely beneficial VIP programme for all the clients. You can relax and play your favourite games which will bring you special points. This points are used afterwards in order to get purchase attractive presents on

Now you can perfectly see which are the advantages of being an anonymous player of a bitcoin casino.