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Top 25 Bitcoin Casinos in October, 2019

Casino Rank #1

FortuneJack Rating


FortuneJack Features

  • Players welcome from all 7 continents
  • BTC, ETH and more cryptos accepted
  • Immediate withdrawals
  • 2500+ casino games to play now!
Casino Rank #2

Stake Rating


A beautifully crafted and provably fair Bitcoin gaming site from the team that brought you PrimeDice

Stake Features

  • 12 bespoke games, all uniquely designed
  • Fun and charming design style with experience points and rewards
  • 24/7 live support
Casino Rank #3

1xBit Casino Rating


1xBit is a provably fair Bitcoin casino with a massive selection of games from great providers. This site comes complete with smooth, action-packed gameplay and immediate Bitcoin withdrawals.

1xBit Casino Features

  • High quality live casino games
  • Comprehensive sportsbook
  • Available to anyone in the world and accepts several cryptos!
Casino Rank #5

TrueFlip Rating


TrueFlip is an innovative online Bitcoin casino that purports to be the first true blockchain casino that offers excellent lottery and game option for Bitcoin lovers the world over.

TrueFlip Features

  • 50BTC weekly Bitcoin lottery
  • Unique set of games plus many classics
  • Immediate withdrawals
Casino Rank #4

mBit Casino Rating


mBit Casino Features

  • No personal details required
  • Established since March 2014
  • Huge range of casino games
  • VIP program

Bitcoin Casino Review

As much as this is a Bitcoin Casino review, it is critical to discuss what Bitcoin is especially if you are a newbie in the online gambling scene. Bitcoin (BTC in short), is a form of cryptocurrency that is generated via complex mathematical formulas under the vigilant eye of computer users otherwise referred to as ‘miners’. What’s more, this cryptocurrency does not require any third party to complete your money transactions. If the role of banks or any other third party organizations are obsolete when it comes to BTC, how exactly do they work?


Similar to any other form of currency, BTC possesses indispensable value that keeps escalating each day. Due to this, you can use it to make any purchase online, and since the gambling sector is very vocal, the use of BTC is dominant in some online casinos. That said it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have your very own wallet- a small personal database that you can store on your preferred device. This way, you can swim in the advantages that come along with registering at a Bitcoin online casino club.

The Question ‘Why Bitcoin?’ Answered!

The fact that there are gambling sites that accept BTC as the only mode of payment proves that the cryptocurrency is making great strides in the current money market. However, this was not the case during the initial stages. On the contrary, BTC encountered a lot of criticism from major world actors due to some of its undesirable aspects, but this did not stop it from gaining popularity. Eight years down the line, parties previously on the front row shunning the cryptocurrency, are now busy examining its positive aspects, which include:

Limitless Money Transactions

The absence of any form of intermediary while using a Bitcoin gambling site translates to a situation where the physical address does not matter. Essentially, whether you reside in the USA or any other country that limits gambling, BTC cuts across this barrier. Moreover, you can transfer as much funds as you deem fit on either your desktop or the Bitcoin Casino mobile site.

Very low transaction fees involved

If you have made various transactions online, you comprehend the charges that come along with money transfer services. More often than not, the transaction fees are high due to the sales taxes imposed by third parties. Since intermediaries lack the ability to trace BTC transactions, sales taxes are not imposed hence leading to low transaction fees.

Cases of fraud are almost zero

Since this cryptocurrency is built on the concept of complete anonymity, any payment made to a Bitcoin casino UK does not contain your personal details. Therefore, fraudsters with the aim of intercepting your transaction will come out empty handed for they will lack Intel to track you. Talk of secure money transactions.

Do you love all things fast & furious? BTC is one to make you smile

Fact, credit cards, and e-wallets offer fast money transactions. With that in mind, what does BTC offer in terms of speed that these other banking methods cannot offer? It comes back to low transaction fees. With other methods, the price skyrockets for speedy payments. This does not exclude BTC, quite the opposite. Bitcoin’s charges go up for speedy payments, but these charges are much lower compared to the ones attached to other payment methods.

Thrive in the power of money creation

For the longest time, central governments have been charged with the responsibility of creating cash. With BTC, this power has been trickled down to any individual with access to a powerful computer that can undertake mining- the process of creating bitcoins via a complex computer software.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin

As much as Bitcoin thrives in a handful of benefits, this review would be incomplete if we failed to mention some of its negative traits including:

  • Bitcoin experiences high volatility that essentially lead to high surges when its value changes.

  • There is a risk of government interference in the affairs of BTC.

  • Once you lose your wallet, it is impossible to recover the BTC that were once stored there

  • The anonymity factor favours the black market by a huge deal.

Can I Use Bitcoin at Any Casino?

Thanks to the various ways Bitcoin has been adopted into the gambling sector, not all casinos accept this mode of payment. However, this does not rule out the fact that multiple online casinos accept this mode of payment. With this realization, it is undoubtedly clear that there are many Bitcoin casinos to choose from hence the question ’which is the best Bitcoin Casino?’ arises. To save you the hassle of scouting for the best BTC gaming site, go through the following characteristics in a bid to make your search simpler.


  • Sign up with a full BTC Casino, which is an online gambling site that exclusively deals with BTC. Why? These sites avail Bitcoin Casino Bonuses, cash balances into your account and conversions to other currencies are not necessary.

  • Dealing exclusively with Bitcoin does not cut it to be named the best BTC website. Instantaneous transactions is another factor to look at.

  • Normally, an instant play casino coupled with a large gaming portfolio including slots, table games, and jackpots boosts a site’s credibility considerably. Similarly, multiple Bitcoin compatible games with no download required, account for a great BTC gambling site.

  • Free spins and welcome offers that come in the form of a Bitcoin Casino no deposit bonus account for a great deal in your quest to earn more for less. Therefore, a site with these and more rewards will more likely than not boost a casino’s chances of earning the ‘best BTC Casino’ term.

  • Look out for top-notch security indicators including high encryption technology, legitimate licenses, and third-party audits.

  • A professional customer support team that is available to players 24 hours a day is yet another factor to consider.


Bitcoin Cash Casino - gamble and stay anonymous

This Bitcoin Сash casino review is about the profits that each gambler gets playing not for fiat money, but for BCH. Also, read about advantages of casinos using blockchain technology.

The mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of the first cryptocurrency called BTC is probably not even a real person, who ever existed. Meanwhile, exactly thanks to his revolution invention — virtual money — today casino players can gamble for Bitcoins and altcoins. Bitcoin Сash casino is, probably, the youngest one as Bitcoin Cash, the BTC fork appeared only in 2017. Meanwhile, the crypto has risen to the Moon in its ratings. Now BCH is the 4th crypto by its capitalization. Naturally, millions are interested in keeping more BCH alts in their wallets — the coin is gradually gaining. Some fans even call it “the real Bitcoin”. They do believe that very soon this alt will become the new King of a crypto market. They are even ready to start gambling for Bitcoin Cash — to earn it, hold and become soon new billionaires. They can really do it and become at least richer — this Bitcoin Сash casino review will come to help these risky guys.


Advantages of BCH in gambling


Each visitor of any online casino knows that the cashout process takes sometime several days. Sure, we are talking about a casino, where fiat money is used. Additionally, no one there guarantees your anonymity. Casino gets almost all of your personal information, including the address, the bank account and the number of your credit card. Almost all players hate it, but have to take these rules — otherwise, they will never win any money and sometimes even never start their gambling career. In the case of Bitcoin Сash casino everything changes. Here nobody can control crypto online — casino does not know even the country of a player. The gambler gets:

  • Complete anonymity;
  • Access to all casinos that take Bitcoin Cash;
  • Huge speed of cashout;
  • Honest transactions;
  • No fee or very low fee for these transactions;
  • The chance to exchange the money he won into other cryptocurrencies;
  • High possibility that with time his prize will be gaining as Bitcoin fork price is constantly growing.


How to start?


The first thing you have to do is to find the list of casinos that deal with Bitcoin Cash. Usually, these are those casinos that already take Bitcoins and other altcoins including Litecoin, Ripple, DASH, Monero, etc. Simply read first Bitcoin Сash casino review to get the information concerning your registration data, deposits and the number of games the casino offers. When everything that you have read satisfies you, register there. Be ready to provide an existing email. It will be used in the case when you forget your password and have to restore it. You can also get there the news about the games, tournaments, lotteries and the prizes you can win. Naturally, you can block this function in case you are not going to get any letters from a casino. You can use email to connect with casino administration as well.


The games


Like in any traditional online casino, the casino that takes Bitcoin Cash offers its gamblers playing video slots, poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, lotteries, and whatnot. The list of these games is always published on the casino’s site pages. There you can also find the rules of live games and get detailed information about the bonuses given to those players, who are the newbie. At the sites of these casinos, you will find a phenomenal selection of amazingly designed games. Additionally, these casinos offer their visitors trying new games that will let them getting cryptocurrency. The more time you spend in this casino, the more Satoshi you will get as a bonus. Therefore, experienced players automatically earn additional money.


Blockchain technologies


First, you should know that casinos that use blockchain technologies are safer and more reliable than traditional casinos. Today blockchain casino games are becoming more and more popular on the Internet. In fact, blockchain is a kind of a digital book that is for recording transactions online that use any crypto. Operations are sequentially registered and publicly available at any time. Bitcoin Cash casinos use this principle and apply it in gambling in an online casino. The result of this is that gambling on the Internet is reaching a whole new level of transparency and trust.


Blockchain technology solves many problems


Do you remember that each block in blockchain is interconnected? To configure the blockchain, any transaction passing through the chain must have the correct value in each block. It makes almost all operations very transparent, fast and anonymous. The hugest problem associated with regular online casinos is that all the data (such as different gaming results, winnings, payouts, etc.) is intentionally or partially hidden from public attention. Nevertheless, a Bitcoin Cash casino is a completely new generation, completely decentralized system, without any need for verifying any transactions. This sure always provides the fairest and 100% transparent system for the industry connected with the online casino. Many players do not ever realize the fact that playing in a traditional online casino, they have almost no chances for huge winnings. The more you lose, the more profit casino takes from you. With blockchain technology, it never happens! The casino itself cannot control the players. Bitcoin Сash casino does not ever get its profits from the gamblers’ losses. Vice versa, the casino that uses digital money focuses on making a profit from the rising price of Bitcoin Cash, which is increasing due to the demand for the latest games. Additionally, the more blockchain casinos are created, the more people that are interested in cryptocurrency appear.

Creating your Bitcoin Cash casino

Besides playing and winning in this anonymous casino, any person, who wants to earn even more money can register its site and create his own Bitcoin Cash casino. We will not pay usual taxes for it and this casino will bring him greater profits than any traditional or online casino.